In our 250 hour online course, participants will learn all of the necessary principles of successful teaching and develop the skills needed to teach students effectively, including our 120 hour online TEFL course, a 40 hour course on TEYL - Teaching English to Young Learners, 40 hour course on teaching Business English and a 40 hour course on Teaching English online. The Expert course will complement your TEFL/TESOL CV and your chances of getting a job will improve drastically when you have this internationally accredited certificate.

  • Best for jobs
  • Accredited
  • Resources
  • Interactive learning
  • Lifetime Job Support
  • Downloadable course
  • Personalised tutor support
  • Global TEFL Certificate included
  • Expert TEFL online course includes

    Free job placement service

    Certificate on passing

    Overall grade out of 100

    Forums in every module

    8 months to complete

    40 hours of teaching online

    40 hours of Business English

    40 hours to Young Learners

    21 Modules

    Teaching English

    • Theory & terminology
    • Terminology: TEFL vs. TESL
    • Describing learners
    • Adult learning
    • And more...
    Lesson planning & teaching vocabulary

    • Lesson planning: an overview
    • The warm-up section
    • Video: practice stage
    • Teaching vocabulary
    • And more...

    • Error correction & reading skills
    • Speaking skills
    • Speaking activities
    • Error correction
    • And more...
    Classroom management 

    • An overview
    • What is involved in classroom management
    • Dealing with discipline issues
    • Putting it into practice
    • And more...
    Teaching specific groups 

    • Teaching children
    • Self-study
    • Quiz
    • Forums
    • And more...
    Young learners language preparation

    • Lesson planning: an overview
    • The warm-up section
    • The introduction stage
    • ELT theories & methodologies.
    • And more...
    Approaches to teaching 

    • Language Teaching approaches and methods.
    • Does younger mean better?
    • How children think and learn
    • The theory of 'multiple intelligences'
    • And more...
    Developing language skills 

    • Theory & terminology.
    • Language Teaching approaches and methods.
    • Metacognitive awareness.
    • Language Teaching approaches and methods.
    • For all modules please click on the link below.

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    Language unites people and so does teaching. Some claim teaching is as easy as ABC but there's more to teaching English as a foreign language than a firm grasp of the language. If you've got a desire to TEFL, travel and earn, fix yourself up with Global TEFL and hop onto one of our courses. More than 60,000 TEFL students have taken our courses and an estimated 1 billion people learn English worldwide. You can become a fundamental part of this life changing programme by completing one of our exciting, dynamic and cost-effective TEFL online courses, from the comfort of your very own home or in one of our weekend TEFL courses. Global TEFL will also help you find a job. Our Free lifetime TEFL job placement is available to all our graduates.

    With over 4,000 members IATEFL is one of the most thriving communities of ELT teachers around the world. IATEFL’s mission is on link, develop and support English language teaching professional worldwide.

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