Nowadays we constantly hear about Globalization, being citizens of the world, frontiers becoming mere concepts and so on, and we rarely grasp the true meaning of what all this means… and fail to acknowledge the invaluable opportunity presented to us as educators that our ancestors could only have dreamt off.

Ponder upon this; just a couple of generations ago the concept of seeing the world and experiencing exciting new cultures was for many just a fantasy or dream that could never come to fruition. Only the wealthy could have the privilege of roaming the world an experience all its wonders. Teachers were regarded as second class professionals who rarely had the opportunity to strive to go beyond their localities and very few ever had the chance to leave their hometowns and much less experience what foreign lands had to offer.

Thank goodness all that has changed! The ever growing importance of the English language has fueled an insatiable demand for qualified English teachers all over the globe, creating more and more opportunities for those who want to experience the different cultures, sites, cuisine, customs and exciting experiences that are now ever more accessible to those who want to fulfill their dreams and have the awareness of what it takes to do so. Of course, this requires certain requirements such as a proper preparation but nothing compared to the unsurmountable impasses that former educators had to face.

This changing trend helped Companies like Global Language Training to understand their responsibility not only to create opportunities for talented educators to get certified and help them fulfill their dreams of truly experiencing what it means to be citizens of the world, but more importantly to bring their talent to communities all over the world that will greatly benefit from their passion, engagement and talent.

Thus, after almost a decade, Global Language Training has helped over 65 thousand educators all over the world not only reach the level of excellence in qualification needed for them to reach their dreams of roaming the world, but also to provide institutions all over the globe with the best qualified English teachers they could ever wish for.

Therefore, if you’re an educator at heart who has the talent, drive and desire to teach abroad but lacks the accreditation and opportunity to do so… there are great news for you! Global Language Training can not only open that door for you by offering you the best TEFL/TESOL accreditation for the most reasonable price, but also our jobs department will offer you all the job placement opportunities you may desire thanks to our alliances with educational institutions all over the world that desperately need committed, engaged, qualified and passionate educators such as yourself.

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