The research team at Global Language Training has recently learned that the TOEFL Exam has changed as of August 1, 2019. Major changes to the reading, listening and speaking sections began on that day. Most of these changes have been well-publicized, but some of them are a “secret changes”.

As part of the development of its new Teaching TOEFL and Other Exams - Specialist Course, the Global Language Training Research and Development team has thoroughly looked into all the new changes and will include them in the pensum of this new exciting specialist course.

To quickly summarize, it now takes about three hours to finish the TOEFL, instead of 3.5 hours (not counting administrative stuff and your break). The test is still scored out of 120 points, and each section still has equal weight.

Your TOEFL score report now contains a section referred to as “My Best Scores”. This section combines the best result from each section of the test you have gotten over all of your attempts over the past two years. For example, if you take the test multiple times it will combine the best individual writing, speaking, reading and listening scores you achieved on all of the attempts.

Also, in the past, students received overall speaking and writing scores, as well as specific level assessments (limited, weak, fair, good) for each of their writing tasks and for pairs of their speaking tasks. This indicated which parts of the test they did well on, and which parts they did poorly on. Those levels have now been removed from the score reports. Students only get overall scores now.

Finally, it now takes just six days to get your score (it used to take ten days). It now takes just three days to get a score review. Note that the SpeechRater is not used when a score review is requested.

If you wish to learn more details about the new changes, new Official TOEFL Test Prep Resources and main trends, as part of your preparation as an International Exam Instructor, check out Global Language Training's Teaching TOEFL and Other Exams - Specialist Course at

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