With the arrival of a new decade, it’s the perfect time to TEFL. Whether you are looking for a career change or the opportunity to travel or simply love teaching the English language Global Language Training can provide all the tools you need to embark in this new and exciting endeavour.

Global Language Training’s TEFL/TESOL courses will equip you with the skills you need to teach English whether for the first time, or to empower your already acquired teaching skills. Thus, if you’re looking for a career that keeps you on your toes and forces you to continually develop then Global Language Training’s TEFL/TESOL certifications are perfect for you.

By teaching English you’ll pick up a range of transferable skills sought after by all sorts of employers. As a teacher you’ll develop great communication skills, leadership, impeccable organisation and time management, the ability to solve problems, strong interpersonal skills, and so much more.

In 2020, it is estimated that the number of people who speak English to some level will hit a staggering 2 billion. Out of these 2 billion only around 380 million will be native English speakers, which means there are huge opportunities for qualified teachers.

English language learners can be found all over the world; they’re of different ages, abilities, and have a variety of aspirations; and they study English in state schools, language centres, online, in summer camps, and more. This means there’s a wide variety of jobs on offer to qualified EFL teachers!

Teaching is challenging, there’s no doubt about that. But the rewards make it so worthwhile. It’s a job that will take you out of your comfort zone and continually challenge you, which is a great way to learn and develop both professionally and personally.

Also, moving abroad to start a new job is a huge challenge in itself. Adapting to life in a new country, dealing with culture shock, settling into a new job, making new friends, and navigating everyday life are challenges many EFL teachers face, but ones that can be overcome with time. Nothing worth doing is ever easy, after all.

Finally, with a TEFL/TESOL qualification from Global Language Training you can get paid to travel the world, from China to Chile, Spain to South Korea, and beyond! Living and working in a country is the best way to experience it: it’s an opportunity to really understand a different culture, pick up tips from locals you’d never get as just a tourist, and see a country with different eyes.

Why not change your life and those of others 2020? Contact Global Language Training at sales@globaltefl.uk.com to find out how or visit www.globaltefl.uk.com for more information.