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150 hour

TEFL master course

Real value:  $399
(Saving of  $199)... Now:  $200

120 hour

TEFL advanced course

Real value:  $297
(Saving of  $148)... Now:  $149

60 hour

TEFL foundation course

Real value:  $159
(Saving of  $79)... Now:  $80

40 hour

TEFL introductory course

Real value:  $126
(Saving of  $63)... Now:  $63

TEYL 40 hours Online

Teaching English to young learners

Real value:  $126
(Saving of  $63)... Now:  $63

Grammar Certificate Course

40 hours course

Real value:  $126
(Saving of  $63)... Now:  $63

Business English Specialist Certificate

Business 40 hours

Real value:  $126
(Saving of  $63)... Now:  $63

Your course will also include:

1. Personalised Reference Letter - Free Job Placement
2. Over 300 free activities and games to use in the classroom.

Accredited and accepted around the world! Enrol now and get started on your TEFL adventure. Job vacancies are available all over the world. Our Jobs Department will be ready to assist you before and after you complete the course. More than 95% of our graduates find jobs after completing our course.

All our courses offer free lifetime job placement service and tutor support during the course.

If two people sign up for the course, we will add an additional 5% to both of you.

UK: 0203 435 6821
USA: 646 688 2927

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