Our entry level 40 hour online course is ideal for all newcomers to the world of TEFL. It allows you to learn the basics on teaching English. It's fun, quick and easy with trainer support. Once you complete the course and feel that you want to pursue a career in teaching English, then you can move forward to our next level course or upgrade to a more comprehensive course such as our 150 hour course.

The course will cover:

Module 1:
  • Course Outline
  • Orientation
  • Principles of Adult Learning
  • Methodologies
  • English Grammar
  • Video
  • TEFL Methods
  • Grammar Test
Module 2:
  • Lesson Planning 1
  • Lesson Planning 2
  • Using Drama in the Classroom
  • Classroom Management
  • Video
  • Discipline
Module 3:
  • How to Teach Vocabulary
  • Using Technology in the ESL,EFL Classroom
  • Developing Speaking Skills
  • Error Correction
  • Video
  • Games and Activities
  • Final Exam