TEFL Specialist Courses Online 
IELTS Exams Preparation

It will cover everything you need to become a specialists in preparing your students for the IELTS exam and testing in general.


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Teaching Large Classes Specialist

Learn how to best teach a TEFL class with 20+ students. We designed a course to make your teaching experience a lot easier.


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Teaching Online Specialist Certificate

Interested in teaching online and don´t know how to begin? This course will provide you with the tools to teach any subject online.


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Effective Communication Techniques for Teachers

Communication is more than just exchanging information. It's about the emotion and intentions behind the information.


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Using Technology in TEFL/TESOL

This course will train you how to teach English online using the latest tech tools.


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IELTS Specialist Certificate

Want to become a Teaching Assistant in the UK or use this knowledge to become a qualified teacher? This course is ideal for you.


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