150 Hour Classroom Course

Our course is designed based on 8 modules that take you through the key areas of teaching English as a foreign language. Our aim with this course is to help you feel confident in the classroom and succeed in your TEFL career.

You will have a 120 hours of classroom instruction, 15 hours of class observation and 15 hours of teaching for a total of 150 hours. Class observation will be carried out at a language centre where you will have a chance to see what teaching English is all about before you actually venture into teaching. You will observe teachers with lots of teaching experience who are willing to share all of their knowledge with you. When you have completed the class observation you will teach 15 hours to real students. Your written lesson plans will be revised before your lessons and feedback will be provided afterwards.

The course is graded by continuous assessment. There are short tasks and in-depth activities throughout the course. You will have two exams, one grammar and one final exam. A qualified TEFL tutor will mark your answers and is always available if you require any further help. Your final award is graded on the following scale: A, B or Pass. Once you successfully complete our course you will receive our TEFL / TESOL certificate and written assessment which acts as a reference on successful completion.

We welcome applications from people whose first language is not English. Non native speakers should possess a high standard of both written and spoken English.

Whether you are completely new to teaching or are already a teacher and wish to learn more about TEFL/TESOL method this certificate course is designed to be of practical use to you in the EFL classroom.

People who take our course have a high success rate in finding jobs abroad. Most participants find jobs shortly after completion. We have an international network of job recruiters and schools that hire teachers year round.

The course will cover:

Module 1:
Module 2:
Module 3:
Module 4:
Module 5:
Module 6:
Module 7:
Module 8: