In our 250 hour online course, participants will learn all of the necessary principles of successful teaching and develop the skills needed to teach students effectively, including our 120 hour online TEFL course, a 40 hour module on TEYL - Teaching English to Young Learners, 40 hour module on teaching Business English and a 40 hour module on Teaching English online. Upon course completion, you will be qualified to teach English in classrooms around the world. You will be knowledgeable on teaching English to children, Business English and Teaching Online which are all growing segments in the ELT job market around the world. This very comprehensive course will complement your TEFL/TESOL CV and your chances of getting a job will improve drastically when you have this internationally accepted certificate. Each module has a forum where you can learn and share with trainees from all over the world, there are also videos and readings related to each topic!

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