Our 20 hour TEFL weekend course is suitable for anyone, whether you are a recent graduate, established teacher or someone just looking for a career change, we can assist you to achieve your goal. Experiencing the countries, cultures and climates of the world is the ambition of many, but the regret of many more who never have the opportunity to do so, and the time has never been better to travel, earn and teach than by the medium of the English language. 
Our weekend course is an easy and quick way to get started in teaching English abroad. In just two days you will learn the basics of teaching English with a fun packed course. Our dynamic and experienced trainers will teach you what you need to get started in teaching English. The course is hands-on and you will have a chance to ask as many questions as you want. We want you to be an active participant in your own learning process.

Our program:

Day 1

Saturday 9am - 7pm

  1. The Communicative Approach
  2. Grammar review
  3. Video - Sample lessons
  4. Lesson planning
  5. Classroom management
  6. Using the blackboard
  7. Elicitation techniques
  8. Speaking and listening
  9. Sample practice activities

Day 2

Sunday 9am - 7pm

  1. Ice breakers and warm-ups
  2. Reading and writing
  3. Teaching practice and feedback
  4. Error Correction
  5. Teaching preparation
  6. Teaching practice and feedback
  7. TEFL Employment
  8. Graduation and certificate