Weekend courses Testimonials
I think I managed to get form the course much more than I expected. I got confidence in teaching, I got to know people from different parts of England, London, real “English" people who want to make themselves useful to the society, which also gave me sort of a strengthening in my determination to go out there and explore, because even if English is not my native language I do feel like it could help me to get to different parts of the world, and maybe even be my tool to do something achievable, and more than certainly help me see things even from their EFL people´s point of view as I had also been one of them.
Posted By:Gabriella Barthos
I am currently applying to work in South Korea and doing the Global course online. When I saw the weekend course came available I wasn´t sure whether it would be worth the extra investment but now the weekend´s come to an end I can whole heartedly say it was worth every penny. The course is intense but it doesn´t feel that way because the tutor was such a great teacher. We learned that from him and you can really see why he is a teacher, he´s lovely, fun and made every minute enjoyable. He catered to everyone worries and problems, diffused these apprehensions and built up my confidence in teaching in the future. The content was excellent but Harold´s presentation of it really gave it that accessibility. The whole group learned from each other, got on really well and the tutor really created a warm, fun and engaging environment. I really could not recommend this course enough! Thank you.
Posted By:Laura Mcloughlin
The course was fun, challenging and extremely informative. I had already started the online course and to be honest was floundering but being on this course made me realize it is not as daunting as I first thought and has given me confidence to carry on until the end. It was the motivation I needed. I feel I can really do this and without the help of our trainer, this would still be a dream. I mighty recommend this course to everyone who has the desire to teach English. Thank you so much Harold and may you help more students to achieve their dreams
Posted By:Susan Jones
I found this course to be far superior to what I expected and briefed about by other companies. The content was applicable to what was needed to be achieved. It was set at a time that suited everyone. My knowledge has improved and it certainly has made me wanting to continue with my career change. The tutor was excellent throughout patient, informative and made learning fun. I would certainly recommend the course and the tutor to anyone who wants to go on EFL or ESL courses.
Posted By:Clive Tilston
I was really looking forward to this course and it exceeded my expectations. I have met some great people, laughed a lot and learned even more. I have also found that my appetite has only been started and will continue on this journey. Our trainer was inspirational!
Posted By:Dawn Farrier
During this course I have learned many new skills. It has made me realize how much time and effort goes into teaching English as a foreign language. This course has been a fantastic introduction to TEFL and has inspired me to challenge myself as well as reminding me why I wanted to teach abroad. I have learned about grammar and the communicative approach to teaching and most importantly with our tutor I have had fun learning at the same time.
Posted By:Louise Chahan
The weekend was a great taster of teaching English and provided an in-depth introduction to the key skills and requirements. It was intensive but our trainer was incredibly engaging and made the course interesting and interactive. I feel I have received a thorough introduction to TEFL and being able to practice lesson planning and delivering part of a lesson was invaluable. It has added a real factor to the online course. I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend thank you Harold!
Posted By:Nicola Gilken
I found attending the 2-day training was a really useful way to put practical skills into practice. The face-to-face course is an extremely useful tool that works alongside the on-line course. It gave me an opportunity to test my knowledge and meet other prospective TEFL teachers that make the whole experience incredible. The combination of a relaxed atmosphere whilst still learning is a much welcomed environment. I m grateful to have attended the weekend course. The trainer´s delivery was fantastic, filled with invaluable information. I now feel energized and ready to tackle the on-line course. I also feel confident that I can teach once I have completed my studies. Many thanks
Posted By:Sally Collins